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For Purpose. On Purpose.

Small with a mighty impact. Our business is centered around our social responsibility to give back to the community we occupy and the world we live in. Every year, our goal changes but our purpose remains the same: to impact as many organizations and give back as much as we can. Follow our Journey to see how we are making an Impact through various efforts.

Everybody Let's Get Cookin'

Help us teach children around the world the importance of eating healthy and practicing good kitchen hygiene. Readers will also learn about hunger and food insecurity while having fun reading our second book!

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Shop our creative selection of handmade bows created by Harper and Paulette and made with love. Most of the bows are made with fabric combinations selected by Little Miss Harper! There is no such thing as too many bows, they never go out of style, and make the perfect gifts!

Everybody Love Your Body

Join us as we spread the message of body-positivity and self love with every purchase! Click the "Books" section to learn more!

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