About Us

Harper and Hunter LLC is a mommy and me kidpreneur brand created to provide
quality children's products in various forms. Everything we do is done with love
with our littlest consumers in mind.

Harper and Paulette:

Dynamic mother-daughter duo and co-authors of Everybody Love Your Body. a body-positive children's book that promotes self love and awareness of self and others.

Harper is a 3-year-old who knows what she wants so when she started strutting throughout the house unclothed singing her infamous "naked song", Paulette took note. The pair used it as an opportunity to talk about body positivity and safe touch.

As a four-time cornea transplant recipient, Paulette was aware of the importance of loving your body no matter the condition. It's something she wanted to instill in her children. From that notion, the seed for Everybody Love Your Body was planted. Fast forward to this summer while Paulette was on maternity leave with baby #2 (Hunter) when the book was written, published and released to help other families teach body positivity and self love in their own homes. Although the book is authored by the pair, Harper is the star of the show to whom the book would not have been possible without.

Hunter: What about Hunter? Don't worry, Hunter has a little time to let us know what he want's his first book to be about so until then we will continue to read and re-read "Everybody Love Your Body"

And for the bows, it's a great way for Harper and Paulette to bond as mother and daughter. The pair enjoy making bows that are sent around the world. Each bow is handcrafted and made with love so don't forget to add to cart!