Benefit to Raise Funds for 4 Causes Details


Clubhouse Fundraiser to Benefit Food Insecurity, Military Families and Child Literacy

Many of you know that Harper (4 years old) and I (Paulette) are authors. We had great success with our first children’s book “Everybody Love Your Body”. Because of that, we decided that each year we would find some way to give back. Additionally, my work with food insecurity amongst college students in my current role as Director of Student Life and the fact that my husband is a USMC Veteran is a motivation for us to continue to spread kindness and awareness globally. Last year we did a NICU fundraiser and provided books and gifts to 50 NICU families at Children’s Hospital in Minnesota.

Repeating that same cycle, this year we want to encourage healthy eating and safe fun in the kitchen for kids through another fun children’s book. I came up with an idea that could be executed on Clubhouse. With our platform, we are making a difference. We are would raising funds for multiple charities and our organization to be able to provide diverse children's books for underserved schools in need.

This fundraiser is in collaboration with many clubs on Clubhouse (event link here)

The funding breakdown is as follows: